Practice Areas

Practice Areas

The Firm´s capabilities and past experience extend to the areas list below. However, the order in which these areas are set out should not be taken as indicating an order of priority in growth and credentials.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Hope, Duggan & Silva has advised local and international clients, acting as buyers, sellers, financial advisors or target companies, in many readily recognizable international and domestic M&A transactions linked to the Argentine market. These include mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-offs and divestitures concerning industries as diverse as oil and gas, utilities, banking, insurance, telecommunications, media and entertainment, mass consumer goods and real estate.

The firm clients include strategic investors as well as investment funds.

The teams of lawyers who practice tax, corporate, labor, antitrust, financial and administrative law, as well as those belonging to its litigation department are actively and regularly involved in transactions of this nature.

Banking and Financial Transactions

Hope, Duggan & Silva has advised both local and international banks and banking syndicates in the structuring of financial products and credit facilities with a wide variety of repayment structures and guarantees. In this connection, the firm has a substantial experience in the drafting and negotiation of documents, both in Spanish and English, for a broad spectrum of investment projects, financing structures for the public and private sector, structured finance and derivative products.

The ongoing capital needs of the public and private sectors in Argentina have allowed the firm to develop a substantial expertise not only in the traditional forms of external and local financial transactions such as local and foreign bank credits, project finance and Eurodollar loan syndications, but also to create new and innovative legal structures which are needed to deal with new financial schemes developed in response to the numerous fluctuations in the domestic and regional economic environment. The firm in this field is recognized as one of the leaders in this area of practice.

Capital Markets

Hope, Duggan & Silva has been at the forefront of legal developments in capital markets regulations and has been instrumental in the drafting of the agreements that implemented the first capital markets transactions and in adapting to Argentine law the documents that were drafted following international standards.

This has enabled the firm to play a key role as counsel to the main equity and debt public offerings with a variety of features aimed at satisfying the increasing need for international financial products. The firm has a significant expertise in structuring secured transactions to assist the insertion of first-time corporate issuers in the international capital markets.

Oil, Gas and Energy

Hope, Duggan & Silva has advised and is advising energy leading companies in their operations in and from Argentina.

In this connection, the firm has advised energy companies in their projects dealing with the generation, distribution and transport of energy, gas and oil as well as with regulatory, corporate, tax and financial matters.


Hope, Duggan & Silva has a very well known background in advising mining companies. Since the beginning of the mining practice in Argentina, the firm has actively participated in this industry. It has advised its clients, whether local or international companies, in all regulatory, contractual and environmental matters related to mining, among others.

For all of the above, the firm has a substantial experience in advising mining companies and is reputed to be one of the leaders in this market.

Real Estate

Attorneys of Hope, Duggan & Silva have formed a team that has served for both domestic and international clients in numerous real estate projects in Argentina. The firm has represented developers, investment funds and construction companies in the acquisition, development and construction of office and residential buildings and related real estate projects.

The firm is a recognized leader in the development of legal structures aimed at having real estate projects comply with National, Provincial and Municipal law and regulations, and to provide for structured finance to enable the placement of such projects in the Argentine market.

Engineering and Construction

The firm has gained extensive experience as legal counsel to worldwide leading companies engaged in construction, engineering and high technical equipment. It has successfully acted as legal adviser in numerous projects including the construction of thermal and hydroelectric power plants, oil and gas pipelines, distilleries, buildings, transmission lines, aqueducts and offshore oil platforms.

Such experience has been significantly enhanced through its involvement with a myriad of projects developed in Argentina and abroad for their placement in such countries as Malaysia, Portugal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sudan, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago and Paraguay.


The firm is identified as a leader for its critical role in the privatization process which took place in Latin America during the nineties, having advised both, bidders and Governments. It has not only participated in the most significant privatization transactions in Argentina, but also in other Latin-American countries.

Hope, Duggan & Silva has advised bidders in various public bids pertaining to diverse industries, including the privatization of companies doing business in the areas of telecommunications, postal services, oil and gas, thermal and hydroelectric plants, port operation services and drinking water services, and in many of these processes its clients have successfully become awardees.

Media and Entertainment

Since 1996 the firm has acted in the acquisition of and advising to television and radio stations, cable companies and sports programming companies thus becoming one of the small number of firms specializing in media and entertainment law in Argentina.

Debt Restructurings and Bankruptcies

Hope, Duggan & Silva has a high reputation for its solid background in providing legal advice to debtors in financial distress as well as to their creditors.

This experience includes the indebtedness refinancing of well-known Argentine corporate clients, the negotiation of out of court restructuring agreements (acuerdos preventivos extrajudiciales) and the active involvement in composition and bankruptcy proceedings.

The preeminent background of the firm in financial matters coupled with the solid legal education of the members of its team of litigators has allowed it to position itself at the forefront in this area.


The litigation practice of the firm is focused on giving advice to corporate clients in connection with conflicts arising from the various areas of practice on which the firm is engaged. As a result, the firm has always fostered teamwork and promoted the continuing personal and professional interaction between its litigation department and all other practice areas.

Arbitration and Mediation

Hope, Duggan & Silva, has a broad experience in arbitration, both local and international including, ICC and ICSID arbitration. Its members have acted as attorneys in significant arbitration cases.

The firm is a member of the prestigious Centro Empresarial de Mediación y Arbitraje organized in Argentina by the leading law firms.


A traditional core part of the practice of Hope, Duggan & Silva has been the giving of advice to local and foreign clients on corporate organization, compliance with law, administration, governance, shareholders agreements, drafting of statutes for local corporations, and many other corporate matters. The firm's expertise in this area is widely recognized.

Administrative Law and Regulations

As a consequence of the active role played by Hope, Duggan & Silva in the privatization process (see Privatizations), the lawyers of the firm have had a substantial exposure to all types of regulatory matters since the early enactment of the regulatory frameworks.

The absence of national precedents for rules governing public services provided by privately owned companies and the difficulties in adapting the foreign regulations encouraged its lawyers to turn their attention to this area of law and to remain permanently updated in the various changes which occurred in the past decade.

Within this new environment, the firm continued giving advice on administrative law representing its clients in their relations with the National and Provincial Governments, the regulatory bodies and other players in the regulated industries.

Tax and Customs Law

The tax lawyers of Hope, Duggan & Silva are highly experienced in tax planning for investments and in the tax issues normally involved in the structuring of mergers and acquisitions and debt restructuring transactions. The firm represents and advises clients on tax matters related to their day-to-day business.

The tax department of Hope, Duggan & Silva has a solid tax and customs litigation practice.

Labor and Social Security

As legal counsel to various corporate clients, Hope, Duggan & Silva, gives advice on labor and social security matters.

The firm's practice includes not only the general advice on labor and social security and the strategic design of labor policies for its clients, but also the labor related matters of the managers of its corporate clients, corporate downsizing and restructuring and the implementation of voluntary retirement programs.

Hope, Duggan & Silva has an extensive and recognized practice in the drafting and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, including the negotiation with labor unions.

Pro Bono

Among the values of the Firm, one of the most important ones is to collaborate with the community in matters concerning the public interest and, in our case, through free legal advice to non-profit projects, ventures, partnerships and foundations that have the purpose of collaborate, somehow, with our community.

Aviation Law

Hope, Duggan & Silva has advised its clients in all matters related to aviation law including the registration of aircrafts in Argentina within the framework of leasing agreements and related transactions such as mortgages, purchase of aircrafts and guarantees.

Consumer Law and Advertising

The clients of Hope, Duggan & Silva are advised on an array of matters related to consumer law and advertising.

To this end, the firm advises and represents its clients in product liability issues, distribution and marketing of products in the local market.

Environmental Law

Environmental matters have become an important issue for the firm´s clients. For purposes of addressing these needs, Hope, Duggan & Silva renders advise on a variety of environmental matters and keeps its clients updated on the new legislation enacted and which may affect their businesses.

Within the framework of keeping its clients updated, the firm advises those clients in their compliance with environmental standards set out in federal, provincial and municipal legislation as well as in the implementation of new projects.

Antitrust Law

Hope, Duggan & Silva advises buyers, sellers and financial advisors whether, locals or foreigners, in their mergers and acquisitions transactions, restrictive practices and economic concentrations.

The firm represents its clients in all proceedings related to the obtention of the regulatory approvals and clearances by the relevant governmental agencies as well as in antitrust litigation.

Insurance and Reinsurance

Since the opening of the reinsurance market to the private sector in Argentina, Hope, Duggan & Silva has advised local and foreign reinsurers. The firm has a solid background in the local reinsurance legal market.