A primary commitment to efficiency, professionalism and ethics.

The partners of Hope, Duggan & Silva have defined as the mission of the firm the provision of high quality legal services, with a focus on corporate clients and a primary commitment to efficiency, professionalism and ethics.

A strong emphasis is placed in teamwork and integration of different areas of legal knowledge in a manner which can bring to each case, to each consultation or to each transaction the full resources of the firm in order to ensure that the often very diverse facets of a single problem receive the best expert skills and timely attention.

The members of the firm have been educated at the best law schools in Argentina and a majority of them have, on the one hand, continued their legal education by earning masters degrees at prominent universities in the U.S. and the U.K. and, on the other hand, had significant exposure to legal practice outside Argentina in leading law firms of New York, Washington and London, among other cities.

For this reason the firm has developed a strong international dimension to its practice.